The Flight Of Stairs Driver's-Ed Course

There have been many cases where something has developed a completely unexpected "cult following" of fanatic fans. (Like the cult classic movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".)

But there has never been a case quite like this one...

One night a young man was looking out of his bedroom window through a telescope and watching airplanes take off at a nearby airport, and he noticed that the airport had those big mobile flights of stairs that are driven up to the airplane doors when they land. He then noticed that on the far end of the airport they had what appeared to be a "driver's-ed course" set up for people who wanted to become drivers of these mobile staircases. He was strangely fascinated by it and over time he learned that every Tuesday night they gave these tests.

He started telling his friends about it and inviting them over to his house on Tuesday nights to watch it with him, and as more and more people started coming over to watch it his bedroom became too crowded, so they actually started walking to the airport on Tuesday nights to watch it in person, and before you knew it a large crowd was showing up for it.

The airport management was disturbed by the cult's presence though and quickly banned them from the property, but the cult fought back by putting their money together and buying the land surrounding the "driver's-ed course" and setting up stadium style seats around it...

Every Tuesday night the arena was packed and the cult would "cheer" whenever a driver would pass the test and get his licence (or make a really good dodge on a cone) and the cult would "boo" whenever a driver would fail the test or hit a cone (and it would get downright riotous in the rare case that a driver would hit a cone and the driver's-ed instructor didn't see it) and the airport management didn't know what to think of it all...

(The cult would often hold up unusual signs to confuse the driver and make the test even more challenging.)