There have been many cases where a person who gets an organ transplant will suddenly start to
act a lot like the person that the organ originally belonged to. (They will start to like the same
music, eat the same food, or even wear the same kinds of clothes that the donor did.)  And some
believe that it is because they have a part of that person inside of them.

But there has never been a case quite like this one...

A baby walrus was born at a zoo with a rare heart problem and was only expected to live for a
few weeks, but when scientists at a nearby lab heard about this they came up with the idea of
trying to put a human heart inside of a walrus and having the first ever "Human to Walrus Heart
Transplant".  It was a very controversial surgery, with little chance of success, but because it
was the only chance of saving the walrus's life, the zoo agreed to let the scientists have the

The operation lasted over 24 hours and was filled with ups and downs, but in the end it was a
success and the walrus actually appeared to be doing well.  Because it was the first surgery of
it's kind the scientists decided that they would keep the walrus at their lab for the rest of it's life
instead of returning him to the zoo, so they could continue to run tests on him and monitor the
long term effects of this incredible medical achievement.

Not much was known about the actual person that the human heart originally came from other
than the information that was on the "Organ Donor Card", which simply said that he was a man
named "Harold Baker", but shortly after the operation one of the scientists went on-line and did
a background check for "Harold Baker" and was able to find the following additional
information about his him...


Military Records:  

He was drafted into the army during "The Vietnam War" in 1965, and while serving in the war
he suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach.

Criminal Record:  

He went to jail once in his youth for possession of an illegal weapon and resisting arrest.  
According to his record he actually escaped from jail by breaking a hole in the ceiling of his
jail cell and climbing out, but was recaptured later that day.

Medical Records:  

He continued to experience stomach pains from his gun shot wound in Vietnam and these
stomach pains would cause him to have flashbacks of the Vietnam war.  Towards the end of his
life he was seeing a psychiatrist because he claimed to hear voices in his head and see angels,
and he also made several failed suicide attempts during this time.

Employment History:  

He worked as a mailman and post office employee for 37 years and was forced to go to anger
management on several occasions due to losing his temper at work and throwing and breaking
things and he eventually got fired for brining a gun to work.

Birth & Death Certificate:  

He was born in Hawaii in 1946 and he died in New York in 2008  from an overdose of
sleeping pills.  

The walrus became like a pet to the scientists and when they weren't doing experiments on him
they would take him for walks and play with him.  They even trained him to do various tricks
just like a dog, and one of the tricks that they taught the walrus to do was to fetch the
newspapers that were delivered to the front door of the lab every mourning and put one in each
of the rooms, but after doing this for several months the walrus became extremely disgruntled
and sick of doing it, and one morning as he was delivering the newspapers he walked into the
office that belonged to The Head of Security of the lab. (Who wasn't in the room at the
moment.) The walrus wobbled across the room and placed a newspaper on the Security
Officer's desk, but the news paper rolled off the desk and fell underneath it, so the walrus
crawled under the desk to try to retrieve it, but while he was under the desk he found a hidden
gun attached to the bottom of the desk.  The walrus grabbed the gun, stood up, and pointed the
gun at his head...

"Don't Do It"  A  little voice in his head told him...
"Do It!" Another little voice in his head told him...

The walrus decided that enough was enough and tried to pull the trigger, but his fins simply
couldn't grasp the trigger the way that human fingers can, and as the walrus stood there
struggling to get the gun to shoot the Head of Security walked in the room and saw what was
going on and quickly ran and tackled the walrus to the ground attempting to restrain him.  The
walrus was putting up a huge struggle and couldn't be handcuffed, so the security officer
dragged him to a lab room across the hall, locked him in it, and ran to go get back-up.

The walrus went crazy and started grunting and knocking over everything in the room, but as he
was doing this he knocked over a big shelf that was full of test tubes containing various kinds of
genetically modified growth hormones and all of the test tubes fell and shattered, spilling all
over the floor.  The walrus was now surrounded by a big puddle of growth hormones, and not
knowing any better he started drinking from the puddle and then suddenly he started shaking all
over, and then his whole body started growing larger...

The walrus grew a foot taller, and then another foot, and another foot, and another foot, until he
got so big that he burst through the laboratory ceiling headfirst and he didn't stop growing until
he was over 100 feet tall!  When the walrus stopped growing he crawled out of what was left
of the lab, stood up, and looked around, and because he was so tall one of the first things that he
saw was the ocean and it made him homesick, so he started heading for it.

The only problem was that there was a big city that was between the walrus and the ocean and
the only way for the walrus to get to the ocean was to cross the city...

It was a peaceful and quiet afternoon in the city, but the peace and quiet quickly turned into
chaos and screaming as the people in the city saw the giant walrus approaching the city.  When
the walrus got to the city he wasn't trying to hurt anybody.  (He was bumping into buildings and
crushing cars on accident, but in reality he was just as frightened as all the people were.)

The Armed Forces were called in and they surrounded the walrus with tanks, helicopters, and
soldiers on foot, and the walrus just covered his eyes as they opened fire on him.  Over 1,000
soldiers were shooting at him from all directions, but the bullets were just bouncing off of his
blubber and wasn't really hurting the walrus, but then they loaded a really big cannon and shot
him with a cannon ball right in the stomach.  When the cannon ball hit his stomach the walrus
quickly uncovered his eyes and grabbed his stomach in pain, and then he looked down and saw
all of the soldiers shooting at him...

The walrus just stood there with a dazed look on his face, just watching the army shooting at
him as he clutched his wounded stomach in pain and it caused the walrus to have a Vietnam

The walrus went nuts!  He destroyed the army and leveled several buildings. The people were
terrified. They had seen "King Kong"; movies and "Godzilla" movies before, but they had never
seen anything quite like a giant walrus that was having a Vietnam flashback before.

The walrus did severe damage to the city for over an hour, but then the growth hormones in his
body suddenly started to ware off and he slowly shrank back down to his original size, and
once this happened he was seized by what was left of the city and was put to sleep.